Academic Affairs

In order to enhance students' motivation and interest in learning, our school often organizes academic activities, including assemblies, academic competitions, society activities, academic groups, etc. In pursuit of broadening students' horizons and giving students opportunities to compete with their outstanding counterparts, our school also encourages students to participate in overseas academic programmes and international competitions. In recent years, we have been promoting STEM education, equipping students to meet the changes and opportunities in a world with rapid scientific and technological developments.

Our school strives to build up students' reading habit. Students will attend talks given by writers, visit book fairs, listen to teachers' book sharing and read books together in the morning assembly. Students are also encouraged to participate in different reading schemes and activities held by the library. We expect students to develop their thinking skills through reading.

We promote an English learning environment in the school. English Days, Language Across Curriculum activities, drama tours, English debating competitions, writing competitions and exchange programmes are organised in order that students would gain more exposure to English and greater ability in learning through English.