Principal's Address

Carmel Pak U Secondary School (CPU) was founded by the Evangelical School Development Incorporation Limited and is an aided school with English as the primary medium of instruction (EMI school). We have always relied on the grace of God to implement whole person Christian education, catering for moral, intellectual, physical, social, aesthetics, and spiritual needs of students. Our school maintains a high academic standard, with students who excel academically and strive for excellence. They challenge and learn from each other, fostering a culture of mutual growth. Additionally, our students have demonstrated outstanding performance in academic, music, arts, and sports activities. In recent years, our achievements have continued to improve, with numerous awards won in local, national and international competitions, including the Gold Medal at the Soong Ching Ling Award for Children’s Invention, the Bronze Medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva, and the Second Prize in the Sigma Xi Physical Science Award at the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Prize.

Pursuing Excellence

We strive to provide a broad and balanced curriculum to help students establish a solid foundation and promote the idea of "learning more, learning deeper, and learning better." In addition to traditional and established subjects, our school offers gifted programmes to cater to individual students' learning needs. The curriculum is extensive and profound, challenging students and inspiring them to pursue their dreams of university education. With the recent Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination as an example, each Form Six student achieved an average of 2.5 Level 5 or above in different subjects. 93% of our Form Six students obtained university admission qualifications. 95.7% of our Form Six students got a university offer through the Joint University Programmes Admissions System.

Good Facilities

In this limited space of Hong Kong, we are blessed with an 8,000-square-metre campus, including three basketball courts and a 50-metre-long athletics training track, which is truly remarkable. The spacious, comfortable, and tidy campus is a gift from God to CPU. In recent years, our school has actively sought government funding and assistance from different foundations. We have also utilized our accumulated reserves to optimize the campus, including the installation of an elevator, barrier-free facilities and top-level renovation projects (HKD 15 million), Hall refurbishment (HKD 5.5 million), Innospace (HKD 6 million), conversion of the covered playground into an indoor air-conditioned activity venue (HKD 1.5 million), expansion of the library into a modern learning resource centre (HKD 1.2 million), Fitness Room (HKD 200,000), campus gardens (HKD 700,000), solar power installations (HKD 660,000) and more. We aspire to transform CPU into a beautiful and well-equipped 21st century campus, promoting life-wide learning, innovative technology, and STEAM education, cultivating talented youth who possess both virtue and ability and contributing to the development of Hong Kong and the nation. We firmly believe that investing more resources and efforts is worthwhile for the cultivation of students’ growth.

Whole Person Development

Regarding extracurricular activities, our school offers a vibrant array of options, including Chinese orchestra, symphony orchestra, choirs, handbell teams, various sports teams, cross-country teams, athletics teams, science teams, Chinese and English debate teams and both Chinese and English drama teams. We strongly encourage students to participate in inter-school and public competitions, expanding their horizons and developing their potential instead of focusing on academic pursuit only. In fact, our students have lived up to expectations, achieving remarkable results in local, national and international competitions. In our eyes, each student possesses unique talents and abilities and we hope they can find opportunities here to explore their own world and fulfill their dreams.

Character Building

Furthermore, our school actively fosters students' character and spiritual development. Over the years, we have established a humble school ethos through various community service activities, award schemes, Bible classes and Christian fellowship, cultivating disciplined and receptive students. Therefore, parents have great trust in our school's character education. A good teacher-student relationship is also one of our school's characteristics. Teachers, with a Christ-like spirit, wholeheartedly care for each student. Proverbs 22:6 states, "Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it." We diligently work to make CPU a second home for our students. Like the gentle spring rain, silently nourishing all things, we aspire for children to grow healthily and happily in our school, which is our greatest wish.

We firmly believe that our school is an ideal place for many students to pursue their education. Whether you are a student, parent, or fellow teacher aspiring for whole person Christian education, you are welcome to join the CPU family!

Finally, I wish everyone a bright future and God's blessings!

Dr. Wong Wai Keung